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>> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> lot of people are aren't you too young? a, don't worry it. i just look young.
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>> bill: we americans love babies on tv. but in the womb, not so much. some shocking rulings about the most defenseless americans recently. we will have a factor investigation. >> this is the most image oriented manipulative white house really since the clintons. >> bill: what is the inside story about the national press being in the tank for barak obama? carl cameron and james rosen are covering for us. >> bill: continuing with our lead story, why are so many americans okay with their country becoming a nanny state, dennis miller on accusations that some of the pictures in the sports illustrated swimsuit edition are racist. >> these people are freaking crazy! >> bill: also tonight, i'll announce what my next book will be. you will be surprised. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. but doesn't much care about children? kate joins us, and from washington, kirsten powers. am i over the top when i say we've become a barbaric nation, powers? >> well, i think the stuff you were discussing with bob beckel, the way the baby was disregarded and late term abortion thing, that is barbaric in my mind. i think we are supposed to be a country that protects the most vulnerable among us and what's more vulnerable than a baby?
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>> bill: hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what is america's biggest problem, part 2. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we told you last night, america's changing rapidly and many of those changes are harmful to the well-being of the nation. the fault lies with us because we the people elect politicians who are massively screwing up the country. last night, 50 years ago, the usa was a far different place. >> bill: so if that's true, and beckel got real upset when i said this, and i always know when i'm getting beckel when he gets upset -- the people pushing the late term abortions and the people pushing the, oh, yeah, well, you can't really punish a mother for doing crack cocaine 48 hours before -- you can't really hold her accountable. that's on the left. that's on the left. that's where that's coming from. not on the right. so how then should we view the liberal movement in the form of an andrew cuomo, in the form of our primary values were self-rearer liians, hard work and honesty. that's what we respected. no longer. big problem is the court system. two-week ago, the new jersey supreme court ruled 5-0 that a woman who ingested crack cocaine two days prior to giving birth did not abuse or neglect the baby she was carrying. the new jersey judge is basically saying you can take hard narcotics while pregnant the five new york jersey supreme court justices, most of them appointed by liberal governors? how should we view these people? >> well, i worked for andrew cuomo and i have a lot of respect for him but i'm very disappointed in this. it's like people -- like the situation with the baby who ended up with cocaine in its system. you have judges backing into a situation. they basically want to make sure that they don't acknowledge this as a human being, but of course,
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and society will not hold you accountable. by the way, toxicology reports showed the infant had cocaine in his system when he was born. now, this there is absolutely no excuse for that ruling. again, it was unanimous. the judges do not believe that american law should protect unborn children from harm. let me be blunt. a civilized fair society does not allow a pregnant woman to take illegal drugs hours before giving birth, period. if someone the day that baby was born -- >> bill: why doesn't a judge want to acknowledge a baby that's going to be born in two days as a human being? that's insane. everybody knows it's a human being. >> then that would mean that you can't abort it, bill. >> bill: most states don't allow abortion in that late stage. >> that's not true. what cuomo is trying to do -- >> bill: he's got to be a barbarian, has he not? what's wrong with andrew cuomo? >> this is a mainstream view on on the political front, so much is bad. new york governor cuomo proposed a new law it would allow late term abortions for pretty much any reason. and those abortions would not even have to be performed by doctors. a nurse or a physician's assistant could do them. mr. cuomo, who says he's a roman catholic, wants to decriminalize abortion in new york state. that would mean that any health the left that they buy into this idea that the health of the mother, which no one can ever really define -- >> bill: we did define it with the guy who was assassinated in kansas, killer. we did define it there. very, very clearly. it was anything. >> right. >> bill: other doctor who was rubber stamping the late term abortions for tiller lost her license in kansas because it was anything. >> yeah. >> bill: let me get to kate for
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practitioner could terminate a pregnancy for pretty much any reason and the state will allow it. right now governor cuomo's job approval rating stands at 59%. so whose fault is this? cuomo's? everybody knows he wore ships at the altar of reproductive rights. >> protect the woman freedom of choice, enact the reproductive health act because it's her body. a minute. so you have these situations, and these are facts, what happened in jersey, what's happening in new york are facts. 59% of new yorkers think cuomo is doing a good job. what's wrong with them! >> right. i know. when you see cuomo up there actually chanting, it's your body, it's your body, complete wreckless disregard for the fact that it's another human being. but we really are turning into this culture where government provides for us. it's what we can get from government. how we can make our life better, it's her choice because it's her body. it's her choice. because it's her body. it's her choice. >> bill: if i could speak with him and he would never consent to that interview, i would simply ask him, do you care at all, all about the unborn? now i'm sure you could see the linkage here. new jersey and new york simply will not forget the most defenseless. this kind of mentality is a free phones, free gas and oil, again and again, it's all about me. and this baby gets in the way. according to the left, frankly that was who the fem knit movement was built on, that a child is an impediment, gets in the way of our right to have a free and rich, fulfilling life. this is a continuation of that. a baby gets in our way. so government gets bigger and bigger. we've become more and more dependent upon that government instead of taking responsibility for our own lives, for the people around us, for our unborn
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dramatic shift from what america used to be and that shift is reflected in our social programs as well. over the past ten years, means tested welfare up 91%. federal disability claims up nearly 60%. education spending in the past 50 years, up 277%. but the kids aren't any smarter. the brutal truth is we are a country in decline. children. it all sort of tied together. >> bill: so do you think america is becoming a barbaric nation? >> i do. i think we're helded rapidly in this, a wreckless disregard for our fellow man, but particularly for as kirsten said, the most innocent among us. when we defend somebody like dorner, when we have people feeling simple -- >> bill: that's fringe. i mean, there is a difference -- >> yet -- >> bill: the people defending dorner were kooks. the 60% who think cuomo is doing our social programs do not work. we do not protect the innocent. and more of us want handouts. that's a memo. for the top story, reaction here, co-host of the fife, bob beckel. the jersey ruling first. you understand it in. >> yeah. and being a recovering alcoholic and addict, i understand completely what it is to be a crack baby and i've seen them before. they made a decision based on evidence we don't have here, but if this child had a toxicology report that showed some cocaine in their system, that means they a good job, they go to work every day. those are the main stream people. this is why i'm saying, this is our fault. go ahead. >> here is the thing. cuomo is doing a good job on a lot of other things. i don't think that necessarily reflec on this. though they probably will end up being fine with it because i actually blame the media on this. if you read the "new york times" story about cuomo doing this, nowhere in the story does it describe a, what a late term abortion is, how it's done.
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weren't a crack baby. a crack baby is one born addict to do crack. if you put somebody -- if you took away a child from everybody who used illegal drugs before their pregnancy, you're going to be taking hundreds and thousands, start in colorado and washington state. people use drugs, a lot of people. >> bill: all right. so you are okay with a country saying to mothers, you can take heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, anything two days before giving birth and we are not going to hold you accountable at all? or -- >> bill: but they're reproductive rights zealots -- they do the same thing. their mindset is the same way. the baby, the baby, 48 hours to be birthed isn't a human being. >> even our president refused to stand up for unborn -- for babies born alive. >> bill: he's never done it. >> he refused to stand up for those children. that's the president. >> bill: ladies, thanks. very interesting as always. directly ahead, john mccain clashing with some of his >> we're going to hold you accountable if that child is danieled. >> bill: the child had cocaine in its system when born and you couldn't possibly know the neurological damage until the child develops a little built it's impossible to know -- >> much more done by alcohol. >> bill: stop making excuses. >> i'm not making excuses. >> bill: you are. stay on this ruling, beckel. >> all right. >> bill: the society in new jersey did not hold this woman accountable for this action. is that okay with you? >> it's okay with me if the constituentses in arizona over immigration. then take a look at this picture, the tea party put out, karl rove dressed as a nazi guy. what's that about? that's reports after these messagagagagag
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child is not impaired. >> bill: okay. >> you keep saying okay. >> bill: you can't tell whether the child is impaired until it develops. >> what did you want to do? you want to take this child away and put him in -- >> bill: here is what i want to do. you take the child away from the mother. you put it in the system. and you drug test the mother for 30 days. and see what condition the mother is in. then if the mother is clean, you return the child. that's the same thing to do -- sane thing to do. you might consider charging her with a crime because it's illegal to smoke crack cocaine any time, anywhere. >> but you know the foster system. you've seen the foster system. >> bill: i'm not going to justify the foster system. i'm saying this woman, nothing happened in a civilized, fair society, this is wrong. it's wrong! >> is it wrong? of course it's wrong. >> bill: okay. >> so we have to deal with it. take the child away from its mother? >> bill: yeah, for 30 days. that's what you do. cuomo, in new york, open season up 'til birth.
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up 'til birth. he wants no restrictions on late term abortion at all. you say? >> i say that's ridiculous. the first trimester did -- first of all, i happen to be against abortions. i'm not in a position to tell women what to do. trimester -- >> bill: in that regard, you say you disagree with como. >> yes. >> bill: now. again, we go back to our society. i think we're living in a barbaric society in america. i think we've become barbarians here the way we treat our elderly, horrible. it's horrible. the way we treat the unborn. awful. all right? and all of these policies are promoted by people like andrew cuomo on the left. you don't see the right promoting these policies. does that disturb you at all? >> i listen to that talking point of yours last night and you are frozen in the 50s. this country has changed and you better accept the fact it's changed. >> bill: has it changed for the better? >> i think it has in many ways. for example, education. you jump on that and say look there is 266% --
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>> there are smarter kids today. >> bill: no, they're not. >> that's dead wrong. we never tested format and science the way we do now and we're increasing their abilities in both their ideas. the well father, 14% of what it was in 2002. it's 14% today. >> bill: it doesn't make any difference because the federal budget is so high today. >> yes. >> bill: all right. so the amount of dollars is so much more because we're $17 trillion in debt! >> why do you think it's high? because we've been waging wars we shouldn't have been waging, one. two, we've got social security and medicare out of control. >> bill: let's get back to the barbaric society that i think we have here now. it's a narcistic society. you heard cuomo said your body, your decision. it's all about you, right? you say i'm firmly grounded in the 50s? what was wrong, besides the civil rights stuff, which was -- i pointed that out last night. >> yes, you did. >> bill: which was definitely wrong. what was wrong with the values that we had in the 50s of honesty, hard work and self
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reliance? >> the assumption that those are not values today is just absolutely -- >> bill: then you have a -- you don't think that you have more americans today wanting handouts than you do back then? >> i think you have people -- >> bill: do you think you have more americans today wanting handouts? >> you have more people getting them? yes. >> bill: wanting them? >> no. i say getting them because they had no choice. >> bill: what about the disability? >> what about disability? people are disabled, they ought to have the right to have that. >> bill: it's 60% more dangerous >> bill: for years, senator john mccain from arizona has been trying to get immigration reform done. some of his constituents think mccain is too soft on the issue and that was put forth in a town hall meeting yesterday. >> why didn't the army go down there and stop them? because the only thing that stops them, i'm afraid to say and it's too damn bad, but is a gun. that's all that will stop them. >> the border is 2,000 miles long, sir. i don't know how many troops and army people you think would have today 2012, than 2002. is it 60% more dangerous than it was in 2002? >> you've had a major recession. >> bill: that doesn't have anything to do with disability! >> yes t does. >> bill: no, no. disability. >> disability. more and more people are finding access to disability. >> bill: why? >> because the law says they can. >> bill: aha! it's making it easier for them! >> somebody should not be able to have access to disability because you don't think they're -- >> bill: you think they're all disabled? been required. i don't know how many you think would be required, but i'll give you expert information that tells you probably maybe you're talking about 2 million soldiers. >> bill: joining us from phoenix, mike broomhead, radio talk show host who interviewed senator mccain yesterday right after that meeting. christina silver was at the town hall meeting herself. so miss silver, who attended the meeting and were they angry walking in? >> no.
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>> i think most of them are. >> most of them? >> i think there is some fraud. last night about this great america in the 50s, we were dragged into fighting the nazis. somehow you made this myth about this last generation. you and tom brokaw, the greatest generation. the fact is -- >> bill: me and tom brokaw we're lumped in together? you're ranting now. i got to go. >> i'm ranting? that's strange coming from you. >> bill: next on the rundown, as the nanny state rises, can when the meeting started, it was civil. senator mccain talked about his immigration proposal, and he noted that border security was a priority, that had to happen first before extending citizenship to immigrants. but when the crowd started to talk back with him, they were very angry, many of them made comments that illegal immigrants were in the united states illegally, so they should never be able to become citizens or to vote. they said the people were stealing government benefits. they were stealing jobs. anything be done to stop it? we'll take a look. later, dennis miller on the president golfing with tiger woods and racial controversy over the sports illustrated swimsuit edition. we're coming right they have been living in the united states for decades illegally and so there should be no amnesty. they should be sent back to their home country. >> bill: they wanted all 11 million deported. they don't want to have any give. how much of a percentage of the crowd was in that category? >> nobody in the crowd spoke in favor of immigration reform. >> bill: nobody. they were all antireform people. interesting. mr. broomhead, when you had john mccain on your program after
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that, was he upset by the meeting? what was his attitude? >> no, he actually was laughing about it. he said he loves the town hall setting. he expected it to be a bit contentious and he wants people to be respectful. but does he these all the time here and he enjoys the back and forth. >> bill: but there is a crew in america that basically doesn't want immigration reform. they want to round up 11 million people and deport them to their home countries, which is pretty much impossible. it's never going to happen. when they call your show, mike, do you challenge them on that, say, look, we got to be realistic, you're not going to be able to deport 11 million people and the federal government isn't going to try to do it? >> i agree with you wholeheartedly. the issue is, when you talk to people like that, they're not necessarily looking for solutions. their anger is justifiable. >> bill: they just want to vent. >> exactly. it's a vent. >> bill: is it a legitimate beef in arizona which has suffered under the illegal alien chaos, is it a legitimate beef to say,
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hey, look, our state is not what we want it to be. we have a lot of social problems because of this and so we're angry and we have a right to be angry. is that a legitimate point of view? >> absolutely. when you take that into consideration when janet napolitano says the border is more secure than ever, we walk the street every day. what we're hearing does not meet what our eyes are seeing. so they just feel like they're being lied to sometimes. >> bill: all right. miss silva, i don't know how much you report on border issues, but it seems to me, and i'm going to arizona, i'll mention that in a moment this week -- it seems the border has been better secured in recent years. certainly enough federal funding has gone down there to make that happen. >> right. federal officials and senator mccain pointed this out yesterday, that border agents have doubled in recent years, that houma, in arizona is basically secure. it's the tucson region that people are concerned about. >> bill: so there has been some improvement, burr in the tucson area, there is still chaos.
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you see it that way, mike? >> absolutely. when you look at the tucson sector and the crime that still comes north, there's a vico valley, the signs are there warning people, don't pick up hitchhikers. >> they put the guard down in this area, and in the tucson area and stop it. why don't they do that? >> and i think that's what the plan is. when they talk about reform, those are some of the reform plans using technology that was used in iraq and the technology of drones and some other things to better secure that vast part of the border. >> bill: i understand the anger of the folks because i think the government has done it half heartedly. thank you very much. we appreciate it. we will be broadcasting from phoenix on friday. we're doing a bolder fresher show in the valley of the sun. pleasant more ahead as we continue. dennis miller will be here talking about tiger woods and president obama palling around. also miller has some thoughts on the meteor attack from outer
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space. then matt damon discuss has touchy subject, bodily functions, or something. that's ahead with the details. that's ahead with the details. we hope you'll stay
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or a charity case. a trouble maker. worthless. just a stupid mistake. i don't think i'm a lost cause. i'm just a kid. youth villages believes that no child is a lost cause. not a single one. because a stable loving family can help any child succeed. and we have an 80% success rate that proves it. if you agree, find out how you can help. at youth >> bill: the web site politico ran a big story about how the national media is being manipulated by the obama administration. that's not a surprise to us. we've been covering that for years. however, there is some reaction to that report. joining us from washington, fox news correspondent james rosen
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and carl cameron. so what's the inside deal, the press being manipulated? carl, every administration tries to manipulate the press. what's different here? >> the obama administration keeps them away from the press. what they do is they replace that absence with the use of new technology like never before. they create their own web video, use internet content on internet. the president did one in the last day or so. then they work around the beat reporters who normally ask the tough questions. the press even has had to use photos and video that have been shot by the white house 'cause sometimes they don't let the networks shoot our own video. >> bill: so are you saying that the national press feels impotent in the face of the -- >> no. but the pattern of presidents limiting the access to the national press and the case of bill clinton, he pioneered the thing about going to the local press has gotten far worse under president obama. he promised to be the most transparent president ever. and he hasn't. >> bill: he doesn't like us. rosen, is there anything sinister about any of this or
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just the obama administration trying to protect itself? >> there is two further points to be made and neither of them require reference to liberal bias on the part of the white house press corp. which exists today and always has in modern times. the first thing is when carl says that the white house keeps the press away from the president, this is measurable. george w. bush and his first term after meeting with foreign dignitaries in the oval office, for example, for a photo op, would have the press ask questions. that happens 355 times in the first bush term. it happened only 107 times in the first obama term. it's a real thing. >> bill: bush wasn't jumping up and down to get in front of you guys. >> one more thing. that is the use of the machinery of the justice department to chill and intimidate the news media. this administration has launched at least six federal criminal prosecutions against alleged leakers of the that's more than all of barak obama's
1:22 am
predecessor, including richard nix. >> bill: to be fair, you can't investigate a journalist unless there is a national security issue. >> that's right. it has a real chill factor. i can testify to this personally because one of those six prosecutions centers on my reporting for fox news. >> bill: all right. can you tell us more about that somewhere down the line or the lawyers -- >> but bill, james rosen isn't swimmed. it's not a question of intimidation. >> bill: next week, rosen, you will -- we'll talk about this in-depth, 'cause you just teased us. we want to know. i got to get to other things. cameron, tea party, they take out an ad, some kind of internet ad and show karl rove as an ss guy and now they're apologizing. but why do it? >> it wasn't really an ad. this was a fundraising solicitation. they depict him as a nazi and the tea party patriots apologized for it. they said that wasn't really
1:23 am
expected inform they didn't expect to be put in a nazi uniform that people would be upset? [ laughter ] >> what they said was they intended him to be thumbing his nose. >> bill: in the nazi uniform? >> no, but the publisher actually replaced this. and the subcontracted company has apologized and said it was all our fault. that's not 9 point. this was a fundraising exercise. the tea party has taken the rift with rove over whether or not he's going to recruit candidates who can win elections, conservative candidates, or just -- and not conservative enough. so the tea party has seen a real sort of depletion of its membership, rasmussen says that only about 8% consider themselves tea partiers now whereas three years ago, it was about 24%. the tea party is using this to raise money and get attention. they've had a rough couple of months with the republican party in the wake -- >> bill: that's not going to help him. >> this is their opportunity to get a little attention and the truth is, knot want the same thing. the most conservative candidate that can win. the tea party is miffed because
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they get blamed for having recruited a couple of fringe and flawed candidates back in 2010, which rove is trying to avoid. there is nothing new under the sun here. this is what parties do when they lose. >> bill: i'm not buying some dopey guy in a publishing house put him if -- i'm not buying it. >> so they say. >> bill: call me crazy. not buying it. now, general allen, he was head in afghanistan and 59 years old, four star marine corps general who was going to take over nato as the supreme commander in europe. but suddenly resigned, rosen and rosen knows why. go. >> right. he was being investigated over the e-mails he exchanged with jill kelly, who is the tampa socialite who was allegedly threatened by paula broadwell, the mistress of general petraeus. that investigation cleared general allen of any wrongdoing, but then he abruptly decided to retire instead of getting renominated by the president. our sources, our pentagon unit tells us the reason for is not the health reasons that were
1:25 am
cited on the part of general allen's wife in his statement, but rather that these e-mails probably would have been dredged up bay confirmation hearing for the post at nato that you mentioned, and that our sources say that they were the equivalent for e-mail of phone sex, not the kind of e-mails you would want your wife to see. so they wouldn't survive what we call the jumbo tron test. >> bill: okay. that makes sense. he doesn't want to harm his wife and family. that's what happens. all right. gentlemen, thanks very much. next week, we'll know all about this investigation. >> i'm traveling with secretary kerry in europe and the middle east next week. maybe the week after that. >> bill: all right. you give the best to the senator who is now the secretary. okay? >> i shall. >> bill: come right back, it will be miller time. the president and tiger woods and some racial controversy over the sports illustrated swim suit edition. miller is next
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. miller time segment, let's get to the sage of southern california, joins us now from santa barbara. everybody is talking about president obama golfing with tiger woods and you say? >> guys, on tv here. all right, bill. dick morris with a leaf blower outside. dubs barking. what did you say? [ laughter ] >> bill: tiger woods, president obama -- >> oh, right. >> bill: go. >> sorry. i was just dreaming about going through europe with john kerry. they must feel like they're bringing stonehenge to them. let's see. bush -- it's nice to see obama actually hook a ball behind some shrubbery and blame an actual bush for once. that's what i'm happy about.
1:29 am
listen, i don't mind if he goes golfing. i wish he would stay golfing. it's when he's done golfing that i have trouble. tiger said he was a good putter. that surprises me because in real life t seems he's always asking for gimmes. i guess some days you're out there and the hole just looks as big as the area where biden's brain is supposed to be. some days you just can't miss. >> bill: all right. so you dewpoint have any problem with the president recreating with mr. woods, dubious resume, you don't see any problem there? >> tiger -- he dug women, i don't know. his wife should have a beef with him and i guess they got divorced. what business is it of obama's? he doesn't care. for god's sakes, listen, if clinton golfed with tiger, tiger woods would be the celibate one. >> bill: now, i say look, if the litmus test is the president who can't hang around with anybody with personal problems, he can be real lonely in washington. i don't think we should be --
1:30 am
>> steal yourself in carbon. >> bill: that's right. he's going to be walking around in 2:00 o'clock in the morning with a little dog. allall right. russian meteor came and putin ran out, took his shirt off, tried to frighten it away, didn't work. and you say? [ laughter ] the meteorite actually landed right in his better -- what little chest hair he has and formed like the end of 2001, the two nipples and the meteorite all formed, they were in direct alignment, like an arthur c clark thing. listen, it left such -- he's the leader! look at that crazy guy! you know, it left such a big crater, the people thought it was their economy. i wish it had hit here. we could have taxed it. you know, it cracks me up that it finally hits and it hits in russia and it's like the biggest thing to happen to russia. it's like the escapades for
1:31 am
them. everybody watches 'cause this is big time. >> bill: it's not like they do in siberia. february, not a lot to do. so when the meteorite comes in, it's fun. 1200 people got hurt. can you imagine if that meteor hit l.a.? can you imagine what would have happened there? people would have actually had to get out of their cars! >> let me tell you this, that thing landed ten, 15 years ago, it could have hit yeltsin in the head and he wouldn't have felt it, he was so loaded on vodka. >> bill: sports illustrated every year comes out, every year there is controversy. but this year, some, i don't exactly know who and i was too lazy to really find out -- some are saying that the magazine didn't -- wasn't racially sensitive in some of the photos. i know you being a very sensitive guy, did you pick that up? >> that's a bit of a reach. and not usually the reach
1:32 am
attached to the sports illustrated swim suit issue. listen, those women, i don't even -- i don't see anybody else in those pictures. what are you kidding me? we live in the whineyest times in the history of the planet. why don't i just watch sandra fluke testify up on the hill instead of watching women wear dental floss, i can have her whine about how her study group has gin gentleman sites and the state won't.for their dental floss. we want to get rid of football, swim suits, wealth, big cars, this is the grating estrogen race. if you can't just look at this and appreciate how beautiful women are. i don't know what the hell happened to this country, billy. >> bill: there is another factor here as well, that when the photos show people from around the world, that stimulates tourism, you know. look, if this lady is in antarctica, i'm booking. you're going, right? we'll do a bolder fresher store with those penguins down there, if she's will there. >> listen, there is a couple factors in this photo.
1:33 am
neither are named o'reilley. >> bill: that's right. i agree with you. any excuse, any excuse, particularly on the internet, when they have to kind of generate traffic and stuff, any excuse to create controversy, they're going to do it so there were a few minority people and little kids dressed up in their native costumes and that's a racist shot. it's ridiculous and i'll give you the last word, god help me. >> the last word is you're racist for saying it and i'm a racist for hearing it and everybody is a racist. people reading it are racists. people notice the magazine is racist are racists. >> bill: anybody passing in the airport, if they pass it, they're racist. >> give it a rest, everybody! >> bill: dennis miller, everyone. we're look forward to seeing everybody in los angeles march 1 at the nokia center. also upcoming shows in washington, denver, long island. kansas city. the latter three make great father's day gifts. check it out. also we have
1:34 am
poll question for you. does it matter that president obama blamed golf with tiger woods? yes or no? did you see that on deck? matt damon bodily functions, juliet huddy will explain all moments away
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>> bill: back of the book segment, did you see that? we begin with matt damon, who believes that there should be more clean drinking water all over the world. it's a good thing. public size that, damon said this. >> 780 million people, that's twice the population of the united states, lack access to clean water. 2.5 billion people lack access to a toilet or basic sanitation. more people have cell phones than have toilets. for $25, you can give somebody clean water for life. and so in protest of this global
1:38 am
tragedy, until this issue is resolved, until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, i will not go to the bathroom. >> bill: that could hurt. here now to explain further in a very discreet way, juliet huddy. >> bill: that was a joke. >> meant to bring attention to his organization, nonprofit, they want to bring clean drinking water to countries around the world. third world countries like bangladesh, that type of thing. and this is his way of doing it. he got attention. he was hoping to get at least $10,000 donated to by the end of march. >> bill: just 10,000? >> well, he aimed low, but they've already received -- >> bill: when he says that $25 can do this, what exactly does this organization want to do? do they want to build reservoirs? >> they want to raise awareness so they can build, they can give water to the thirsty people, clean drinking water. >> bill: you would have to, in a place like bang will a dish, for
1:39 am
example, you would have to build a whole infrastructure -- >> that's what they want to do. >> bill: that's almost impossible. >> it's little things at a time of the incremental things. look, if he wasn't sitting this doing -- >> bill: it will be cheaper to send everybody cartons of pole and spring. >> that's what organization are for. >> bill: we asked him to come on the program and he's considering it. i hope he does. this is a very important issue here. but i got to know what exactly they want to do because to create that kind of infrastructure in these third world countries, which don't have any, that's almost impossible. >> this is why these hollywood celebrities get involved in these organizations. because they bring a lot of attention to it. look what george clooney has done. >> bill: we want to hear what he has to say. they legalized pot in colorado. >> yes, they have. you'll be going to denver soon? >> bill: i used to live in denver. back then it was a fairly conservative state. now it's turned around totally. it's a battle.
1:40 am
half the state is conservative and half is liberal. in the state house, which is a beautiful building in downtown denver, this happened. roll the tape. >> does it smell like marijuana in here or is it just me? if the sergeants would please douse all the dobies in the area. >> bill: somebody was smoking pot on the floor of the state house proceedings. >> it's still a mystery who it was. but everybody there -- the crazy thing is, that they're all laughing about it. granted, they did have this initiative that was passed in november that legalizes pot to a degree. you can carry an ounce or less if you're 21 years or older. you can actually grow pot plants up to six of them. now they've cut this. they've got to task force that recommends to the state legislature -- >> bill: this is what happens. when you legalize pot, people are going to smoke it. they don't really care where. my question is, was willie nelson in town that day?
1:41 am
if willie was in town, then we know if his tour bus drove by, what was going on. >> can i just tell you that there is an active effort to try -- essentially create sort of a tourist industry here. >> bill: sure. amsterdam, holland does it. >> come to denver. >> bill: mile high city. they already have the slogan. >> exactly. >> bill: they don't have to -- >> thinking ahead. >> bill: all right. i don't want to hear that you're out there either. >> excuse me! >> bill: all right. thank you. up next, factor factor tip of the day, what my next book will be. and you're going to be surprised. the tip, 60 seconds away there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store.
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sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599 . and save 50% on our limited edition bed. ends sunday! [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. is >> factor tip of the day. my new book and here it is. killing jesus, a history. co-author martin due guard and i have uncovered amazing things about the execution of
1:43 am
jesus of nazareth and how it it all tied in to roman towns, so we're writing the manuscript now even as we speak and books will be out on september 24th of this year, written in style as killing kennedy and killing lincoln and i think you're all going to like it. that's the original cross which he was crucified. factor tip of the day. and john barry, mr. o'reilly, as a self-made man believe that the obama administration are sapping initiative and bankrupting your country. i agree. molly coddling. >> and talking points, the president is overwhelming the system with entitlements that will result in an economic collapse. i hope not. >> james, texas, the government is the nation's biggest problems and who put the government in place, james, we the people, that's who. >> and julie, north carolina, mr. o'reilly, where was your attitude before the election?
1:44 am
well, we've seemed to give president obama the benefit of the doubt. why the change of heart now? and a few letters like this. >> and there's been no change of heart, julie. i covered the president in vivid detail while described. i laid out his vision exactly. 80% of factor viewers believe that factors campaign coverage was fair according to our poll. what i did not do, what i did not do is demonize the man. i didn't attack him personally, those who did that actually helped barack obama will uninformed voters who largely felt he was being unfairly attacked and ironically the president's worst critics may be his biggest enablers. >> ray brown, barefoot bay, florida. the problem is federal programs are making it easier to get in touch and harder to succeed in the the marketplace. pithy and accurate. richard, new jersey.
1:45 am
bill, you asked senator brown why massachusetts is liberal when the policies aren't working i think because the liberal media controls, but the uninformed voter hears and the answer is on the air every night and the media plays a role, no question. and there's a culture that soundly rejects facts. and that's the issue and that's on we, the people. think about it. the economy is bad. salaries are stagnant. the culture is apathetic and permissive. all of those things are visible to anyone who's not in a coma. and the media doesn't hold sway over that. graham cameron, victoria, australia. good day, bill. i want you to know that the killing lincoln movie will be shown here. and national geographic channel in the states will replay the movie this coming saturday night and that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, which is different from now, the past two nights we've asked the question in the
1:46 am
talking points memo and asked you, what the biggest problem in america really is. and so if you missed it, it's worth reading these two memos back it back. all right? because this is important and i think you know the discussions that follow are pretty interesting. nobody else, by the way, nobody else, is doing this kind of reporting and analysis. also, we would like you to spout out about the factor, anytime, anytime if you wish to opine. word of the day
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